VIP Series - Vented Insertion Plugs

  • Masking Large Machined Bores
  • Drainage Holes suitable for Emersion Coating
  • Reinforced Tip for Insertion with Tool
  • Inexpensive Alternative to Stoppers and Pull-Plugs

Product Description:

EPSI’s Vented Insertion Plugs (VIP) quickly and inexpensively masks large diameter and deep through bores. By using a dowel or rod, the VIP can be easily inserted through a cavity to create a liquid tight seal. A reinforced tip prevents the dowel from tearing the plug. Specially designed for all types of immersion coatings, a series of drainage holes prevents carry over of liquids from tank to tank. The hollow design serves to prevent blow off due to trapped air, and overall cost is reduced as compared with traditional solid plugs.

Typical Industries Used:

Powder Coating, E-Coating, Plating and Anodizing

Helpful Hints:

  • When plugging a hole, make sure that the outside diameter of the plug is at least 10% larger than the diameter of the hole being plugged.
  • When inserting, use a dowel or rod inserted into the tip of the plug to push the VIP through the bore.
  • Can be used across forked connectors to plug two holes at once.