SHRS Series - Silicone Sheeting

  • Can be Die Cut to Almost any Shape
  • Reusable Paint Mask
  • Solid Rubber (SHRS) is Ideal for Gaskets in Automotive Sealing Application

Our Solid Silicone Rubber (SHRS) sheeting product lines are ideal for applications such as gasketing, sound deadening and paint masking during powder coating. Various thicknesses are offered to cover a variety of applications.


Used as a gasket, washer, pads, strips and seals. Used as sound deadening in automotive applications. Mask surfaces during powder coating."

Part Number Standard L x W - IN Standard Thickness - IN Metric Thickness - MM Standard L x W - MM Unit Purchase
1.6mm Thick Silicone Sht .063"
SHRS 0016
36 X 36 0.063 1.6 914 X 914
In Stock
2.4mm Thick Silicone Sht .094"
SHRS 0024
36 X 36 0.094 2.4 914 X 914
In Stock

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