SHMS Series - Silicone Magnetic Sheeting

  • Hi-Temperature Silicone Magnets Exclusively from EPSI
  • Used in Die Cut Form to Match and Protect Specific Contours on Sheet Metal and Formed Metal Parts
  • Magnets are Reusable
  • Eliminates the Need for Masking Die-Cuts with Adhesives

Product Description:

Our Silicone Magnetic Sheeting (SHMS) product line can replace the need for polyester tape in many masking applications, and through reusability and ease of application can lower overall masking costs. It is an attractive alternative to traditional tape masking, as well as the use of vinyl magnets which need to be removed prior to curing. Silicone Magnetic Sheeting is easy to apply, leaves no residue on the surface and is reusable.

Typical Applications:

  • When used in die cut profiles, Silicone Magnetic Sheeting is used to protect flat surfaces on ferrous metal objects.

Helpful Hints:

  • Silicone magnetic sheeting is only magnetic on one surface.
  • For best results, silicone magnetic sheeting should be applied to clean, flat, ferrous metal surfaces.
  • Silicone Magnetic Sheeting can be purchased either in raw sheet form or in die cut shapes, depending on the application. Can be die-cut to any shape. Call for details.