SHFS Series - Silicone Sheeting

  • Can be Die Cut to Almost any Shape
  • Reusable Paint Mask
  • Foam Sheeting (SHFS) is Conformable and Light Weight

Product Description:

Our Silicone Foam (SHFS) and sheeting product lines are ideal for applications such as gasketing, sound deadening and paint masking during powder coating. Various thicknesses are offered to cover a variety of applications.

Typical Applications:

  • Used as a gasket, washer, pads, strips and seals. Used as sound deadening in automotive applications. Mask surfaces during powder coating.
Part Number Standard L x W - IN Standard Thickness - IN Metric Thickness - MM Standard L x W - MM Unit Purchase
3.2mm (0.125") Silicone Foam
SHFS 0032
36 X 36 0.125 3.2 914 X 914
In Stock
12.7mm (0.500") Silicone Foam
SHFS 0127
36 X 36 0.500 12.7 914 X 914
In Stock

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