PPFC21 Series - Hi-Temp Crepe Tape With Film [PG-21]

  • Straight, Clean Paint-Break Line
  • Highly Conformable and Flexible
  • Tear Resistant; Solvent Resistant
  • Resists Paint Flaking upon Removal

Product Description:

Our C21 is the industry standard in high performance crepe tapes for low temp powder coating and liquid top coat. It is designed for clean removal from a variety of surfaces after exposure to oven temperatures up to 325°F. C21 performs well in wet strip applications. Its easy handling, smooth crepe backing exhibits high strength and excellent conformability to irregular surfaces, and exceptional cornering characteristics.


  • Total Thickness 7.3 mils
  • Adhesive Type Rubber/ Resin Adhesive
  • Carrier Type Fine Structured Crepe Paper


  • Maximum Temperature (F) 325
  • Tensile Strength (lbs/inch) 26
  • Elongation (%) 10
  • Peel Adhesion (oz/inch) 28