CRSP Series - Cork Spacer Pads

  • Protect Finished Products During Shipping and Storage
  • Spacer Pads Stick without Adhesive
  • Fast, Easy Placement and Removal
  • Inexpensive Cork Material; Reusable
  • Parts Can be Stacked Shortly After Curing

Typical Applications:

  • Used as a protective spacer between layers of freshly coated material to prevent damage and wear to surfaces.

Helpful Hints:

  • A simple system for avoiding paint damage during storage and transportation.
  • The spacer pads are 18 X 18mm or 20 X 20mm in varying thickness, and made of natural cork with a 2 mm thick soft polyethylene layer on one side.
  • The pad fastens with a suction effect when lightly pressed against the painted surface.
  • The pads do not leave any trace after removal, and can be reused.
  • We do, however, recommend that this product be tested first to determine the suitability for its intended paint application.
Part Number Standard Base - IN Standard Thickness - IN Metric Base - MM Metric Thickness - MM Unit Purchase