CRDF Series - Silicone Foam Cord

CRDF: Silicone Foam Cord

  • Compresses to Seal Off Slots and Through Holes
  • Conforms to Irregularly Shaped Openings
  • Cut to Size
  • Color Coded for Easy Identification


Our Solid Silicone Foam Cord (CRDF) product line is a great solution when looking for a compressible part to fit into a threaded or non-threaded opening. The solid silicone foam cord is so flexible that it can often be used to plug irregularly shaped openings. CRDF Cord is a closed-cell foam structure and will not absorb liquid.


Powder Coating, E-Coating, Plating and Anodizing


Used to create a liquid tight seal in threaded and non-threaded slots, grooves, and through holes.


  • Elongate the cord during application to make insertion easy. Cord will return back to original shape when released and create a liquid tight seal.
  • To ensure a liquid tight seal, pick a product whose outer diameter (OD) dimension is at least 3-10% larger than the hole or groove that is being masked.
Part Number COLOR Diameter - IN Diameter - MM Roll Length - FT Unit Purchase
0.062" (1.5mm) Diameter (50ft)
CRDF 0062-G
GREEN 0.062 1.6 50
In Stock
0.125" (3.2mm) Diameter (50ft)
CRDF 0125-B
BLACK 0.125 3.2 50
In Stock
0.187" (4.8mm) Diameter (50ft)
CRDF 0187-R
RED 0.187 4.7 50
In Stock
0.250" (6.4mm) Diameter (50ft)
CRDF 0250-Y
GRAY 0.250 6.4 50
In Stock
0.312" (7.9mm) Diameter (50ft)
CRDF 0312-U
BLUE 0.312 7.9 50
In Stock
0.500" (12.7mm) Diameter (25ft
CRDF 0500-O
Orange 0.500 12.7 25
In Stock
0.625" (15.9mm) Diameter (25ft
CRDF 0625-Y
GRAY 0.625 15.9 25
In Stock
0.750" (19.0mm) Diameter (25ft
CRDF 0750-R
RED 0.750 19.1 25
In Stock
0.875" (22.2mm) Diameter (25ft
CRDF 0875-Y
GRAY 0.875 22.2 25
In Stock
1.000" (25.4mm) Diameter (25ft
CRDF 1000-U
BLUE 1.000 25.4 25
In Stock

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