EPSI’s Bore-Tite™(CBP) is a perfect alternative to using an STS (stopper) and SPP (pull plug) together. It comes in most common standard nominal English and metric counterbore sizes. This product makes for easy installation and removal using handle.

Bore-Tite™(CBP) is an ideal solution for masking counterbores from any finishing product including immersion. Use the product to effectively mask off counterbore heads and thru holes. Its flexible hollow head seals tightly against the counterbore wall.

Typical Applications: Powder coating, wet spray, plating, e-coating, and anodizing.

  • Innovative: One part does the work of two combining STS and SPP.
  • Fast and Easy: Having a 2-in-1 part makes it a lot quicker to mask.
  • Versatile: It works for various thicknesses on metal plates.
  • Durable: High temperature, high performance silicone great for repeated use.