About epsi

EPSI is a privately held manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of masking solutions. We started out in 1976 as an importer of rubber products. our company started out with a small facility in Wisconsin that grew and demanded distribution centers in California, South Carolina, Indiana, Connecticut, Texas, Germany, The Netherlands and China. EPSI is the foremost solutions provider in the hanging and masking industry. We have attained this position by building sound strategic relationships with companies worldwide and strengthening these relationships throughout the years. EPSI has a presence in 17 countries and has almost 40 years of experience.

At EPSI we strongly believe that it's not products that make the company, but it is the people that make the largest contribution to success. We strongly believe in investing in relationships and strong partnerships. Success is not a destination, but a journey.

Invention of the masking technology started in the early 1920s by Dick Drew of 3M. One day when he visited an auto body shop in Minnesota, he heard the workers cursing vehemently. Two-tone cars were popular then, but the effect required masking certain parts of the auto body using the combination of heavy adhesive tape and butcher paper. After the parin dried, workers removed the tape - and often peeled away part of the new paint. Their labor was undone and costs mounted for the customer. After watching them touch up part of the paint, he realized that they needed a tape with less aggressive adhesive. The rest was history as there was developed the first tape specifically designed for masking in painting. And this example also embodies the philosophy of the masking industry: we listen to our customer and invent new technologies daily to relieve our customers from double labor and thus decreasing the reject rate.

Masking industry grows at about 15% alongside the powder coating growth. masking comprise about 0.2-0.3% of the powder coating industry, which translates into 3.2 billion dollar industry only here in the US.

EPSI has a state of the art engineering facility located in Franksville, WI. We specialize in developing custom masking and hanging solutions to meet our customer’s needs. Our R&D department is working around the clock to introduce innovative and cutting edge designs that will increase productivity, eliminate re-work and decrease the labor required for application and removal of masking. We have custom molding capabilities to manufacture rubber products for global manufacturing. EPSI is a progressive company, which has become a major force through its innovative products and cost-effective designs. Our product line ranges anywhere from hi-temp masking for powder coating needs to low temperature masking alternatives for lower temperature application. EPSI specializes in many types of standard and engineered materials including: High Temperature, Flame Retardant, and Conductive Silicones; EPDM; Viton; Teflon; Synthetic and Natural Rubbers; and plastics such as ABS, LDPE, HDPE and Nylon both for standard and custom parts. We also carry High-Temperature Polyester Tapes, Crepe Tapes, Polyimide Tapes, Kapton and are a certified 3M converter and custom die-cutter. EPSI has full CNC wire bending in-house capability for bending hooks and making spring wires from stainless steel and other metal products.