C11 Series - Medium/Hi-Temp Crepe Tape

  • Straight, Clean Paint-Break Line
  • Excellent Quick Stick but with smooth unwind
  • Excellent adhesion to metals, rubbers and plastics
  • Resists Paint Flaking upon Removal

Product Description:

A more economical alternative to our C21 product, C11 was designed for the auto, coach and bus industry as a professional grade medium to high temp smooth crepe masking tape. Its high performance rubber adhesive is designed for clean removal from a variety of surfaces after exposure to oven temperatures up to 300F. C11’s easy unwind and smooth crepe backing makes it easy to work with and provide excellent conformability to irregular surfaces.


  • Total Thickness 6.1 mils
  • Adhesive Type Rubber/ Resin Adhesive
  • Carrier Type Smooth Crepe Paper


  • Maximum Temperature (F) 300
  • Tensile Strength (lbs/inch) 25
  • Elongation (%) 10
  • Peel Adhesion (oz/inch) 36
  • Meets ASTM D6123/D6123M-97